Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Charting in Sql-Ledger

I was looking for charting software to use with sql-ledger.

I found Chart.js, and it is very easy to use and flexible in the sense that you do not have to download a lot of libraries. There is also a lot info available on youtube, see this very good tutorial!

Sql-ledger uses Perl and a Postgress database to store the data. In the perl routines you figure out what is happens in the program and the I used the income statement (rp.pl) as the script to get the Data for my Financial Dashboard.

See this short video what the Dashboard is all about.

You only need the perl chart.pl script to make it work. No need to get additional Java libraries , these are loaded in the script.

Assuming you have SQL-Ledger version 3.0 or higher and a directory structure
like: /sql-ledger/bin/mozilla/custom/

  • Step 1 copy am.pl in /sql-ledger/ to chart.pl in /sql-ledger/
  • Step 2 download chart.pl and place it in /sql-ledger/bin/mozilla
  • Step 3 download menu.ini and place it in /sql-ledger/bin/mozilla/custom
  • Step 4 run perl locales in your local language directory