Sunday, April 2, 2017

How to run a Cookie Factory with Sql-Ledger

For five years, I was the proud owner of a Cookie Factory. When I became the owner, the factory was in serious trouble. I restarted the factory, and after five profitable years the old owner bought it back. That was always the intention, get the factory in order, build a stable pipeline with customers, and in time the old owner would buy it back. I should write a book about it, because it was a very interesting succesfull journey!

During that journey, I needed a system to implement a ledger for the company. For quality control I needed an application to track and trace the items to make the cookies. And last I needed an application to trace cleaning and inspect the mouse traps....

I managed to use sql-ledger for all my demands and although I am not really a programmer, I got it working in no time.

Have a look at the factory, where they make the best cookies, allergy free!

In this blog I will share and explain how you can use sql-ledger to track and trace items. Also give a few tips.

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